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Découvrez nos différents cours

Here is a presentation of our classes... 

Our classes

If you are a beginner or just new to our studio, here are some tips and explanations for choosing the right classes as you register for the first time!

First of all, a practical tip: choose the Discovery Pass when you come to the studio for the first time. It gives you unlimited access to our regular classes (except aerial yoga in the hammocks) for several days: the ideal solution to explore different disciplines and meet and trial different teachers before making your choice! 

If you have never practiced, or very little a long time ago, also choose the Beginners courses for the first sessions, to familiarise yourself with the terms and postures of each discipline. 


The Hatha Yoga is the most traditional form of yoga. The postures / asanas are held for a few breaths, just the time to savour the shape and fulfil yourself with their content. It is offered in many forms in our studio.

The Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid style combining postures designed to move the body in all directions. Also available in several variations such as Hatha Flow, which consists of fluid sequences but in a softer version, or Detox flow focused on the elimination of toxins.

You will also find other variations of yoga:

  • the Yin / Yang , which comprises a dynamic part and more internalised / yin where postures are maintained for 3 to 5 min. for deep work on ligaments
  • the Yin Yoga, which is a very gentle practice to cultivate your awareness of the present moment. A real self-care when the postures are held for a long time and supported by many accessories to deepen relaxation.
  • the Tonic Yoga with music, to challenge your practice or to change your experience!
  • our Yoga: Fascia and Alignment course, which focuses on fascia, the connective tissue that envelops and traverses almost every structure in our body (muscles, blood vessels, nerve pathways and bones) and encloses the organs. By rebalancing the tensions in these structures throughout the body through yoga, we can maintain the body’s elasticity and suppleness, ensure stability and resistance, promote body awareness and sensory-motor skills, and this method can help with pain and tension.

and of course our famous Fly Yoga / Aerial Yoga sessions with Alex or Tatiana. Practiced in our organic cotton hammocks, both for the therapeutic and physiological advantages coming from the support of the hammocks and for the fun of it! The course finishes with a relaxation in a “cocoon” rocking hammock :-O

You can also book a private class, specifically for back problems.

Pilates, Floor bar and Stretching

The Pilates method is a set of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, based on strengthening the abdominal belt, coordination, breathing, precision and fluidity of movement. Making it possible to develop a strong body in a harmonious way: lengthening and strengthening the muscles, shaping the body, improving tone, stimulating blood circulation and relaxation.

Ideal for strengthening the back and thus preventing problems related to the spine and therefore a must for those who spend a lot of hours in the office.

We offer many variations of Pilates, including: 

  • classes with Chantal, mixed with yoga, focused on 50+, because the Pilates method is ideal for toning up and getting back into movement gently
  • or Pilates Fusion, inspired by the many disciplines mastered by our teachers: dance, Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis, ballet, floor barre, fitness, stretching …
  • the Pilates Sculpt, an advanced course which uses small equipment such as circles, rubber bands, weights, rollers and small balls, excellent for sculpting the body and reinforcing muscles.

The Floor Bar is influenced by Pilates and dance. Practiced on the mat, it helps to gain muscle strengthening, flexibility and mobility, while protecting the back from injuries. All this with the joy and cheerfulness of our expert dancer Aïcha!