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Yoga & Meditation

Here is the list of our yoga classes and guided meditations we offer; new disciplines will be added regularly. Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice when you come to take your first class and make a choice that suits you best.

Most of the courses are given in French but our teachers are bilingual (except the courses indicated in the EN schedule, which are exclusively in English) and adapt to the language level of the group.


Fly yoga

Yin yoga

Hatha yoga

Hatha is the most traditional form of yoga. The postures / asanas are held for a few breaths, just enough time to savour the form and fill it with content.

Antistress Yoga

Specially designed to meet the challenges of modern day living, this course is a haven of peace at the end of your week. A sweet blend of yoga, zen shiatsu and mindfulness is the perfect invitation to break free from the stress of the week and to slip smoothly into the weekend.

Hatha Foundations

This course is open to everyone. Let yourself be surprised by the teacher’s inspiration and your adaptability!

Hatha advanced

A course for experienced yogis, which requires a good physical shape. Beginners abstain – for your own good!

Traditional Hatha

Focuses on alignment and holding the postures for a longer time – to develop both physical strength and mental resilience. Bringing mind, breath and body together through slow, mindful movement and concentration. Accessible for all levels; depending on the level of the students, the class can be gentle or a bit more pushing.

Lunchtime Hatha

Your haven of peace and recharging energy during your lunch break (try not to eat before!). Hatha is a classic yoga style where postures are held for several breaths. It is an in-depth work that involves the body and the mind.

Viniyoga (back yoga)

A yoga that adapts to the student, their current condition, their potential and their goal. A therapeutic approach, with a focus on breathing and synchronisation of the body to the breath. A gentle dynamic practice with special attention to the back.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is a fluid style of continuous postures that aims to move the body in all directions.

Gentle Vinyasa / Lunchtime Vinyasa

Suitable for students of all levels. Depending on the teachers style and the level of the participants, the practice may vary in intensity.

Gentle vinyasa uses less strength and stamina than advanced vinyasa, but be prepared for some effort 😉

Vinyasa advanced

This class is composed of strength, resistance, flexibility, coordination, balance and breathing exercises, with a well-deserved relaxation at the end. It requires a good level of practice, listening and respect for your limitations.

Not suitable for beginners !

Power Vinyasa 🎶

For people who are looking for a dynamic version of yoga, and who appreciate a less traditional approach, more free, with the effects of yoga, fun and more, and who enjoy practicing music!

Hatha flow

Halfway between Hatha and Vinyasa. A mi-chemin entre le Hatha et le Vinyasa. It is an energizing practice, where you will work on the postures both statically and in more or less dynamic sequences, to the rhythm of breathing … A practice as gentle as it is intense, which allows muscular and deep stretching.

Ashtanga Yoga

It is an energizing practice, where we work on postures in fairly dynamic fixed sequences, at the rate of breathing. They are accompanied by stretching to give energy, and contractions (Bandas) aimed at accumulating vital energy in the tissues of the body.

Other types of yoga & aerial yoga

Yin/Yang Yoga

An integral yoga session that includes a dynamic yang part (Hatha or Vinyasa) and a more internalising yin part where postures are held for 3-5 min. for deep work on connective tissue, meridians and ligaments. A perfect balance between effort and relaxation, this session will bring you a sense of well-being and unsuspected serenity.

Yin Yoga (EN)

Stilling practice that cultivates a deep sense of awareness and quiet.
It’s a moment of self care to tune into your body, mind and emotions. Poses are held for longer periods, allowing you to relax and recharge your energy, as well as move deeper into intensifying stretches to  increase your flexibility. This practice is personalized to every body type and practice level through supportive props.

Yoga therapy flow (EN)

Begins with gentler movements to warm up the body, then into progressively more challenging flowing sequences, influenced by Alexandra’s training in therapeutic yoga, which makes this practice completely safe and more focused on certain physical health goals such as working the blood circulation or the hormonal system.

Tonic Yoga 🎶

Do you want to challenge your practice or discover it differently? The  class is a serie of small sequences explained first, and then practiced on music. A course based on Hatha, to which we added a nice dose of challenge and smile

Acroyoga / Partner yoga – therapy & fun (EN)

Explore the art of yoga and  healing through the body of each other. It is nothing sensual 😉 but a great way to connect with yourself through others, deepen your own practice and help the body strengthen and recover faster. This class doesn’t require you to have a partner and it’s suitable for everybody !

Kundalini yoga

A tonic practice intended to awaken vital energy. A great help to develop your optimism, go through periods of stress, and improve the quality of your sleep. Claudio ends the session with a musical relaxation with the gongs  ! Also discover the gong baths / sound journeys Claudio proposes !

Aerial yoga / yoga in hammocks (EN)

Practicing yoga in hammocks has many therapeutic and physiological benefits, besides having fun! The lesson ends with a relaxation in “cocoon” cradled in the hammock.


Mindfulness for everyday living

Rather than an activity, MINDFULNESS is a way of being. Guided mindfulness meditation sessions allow you to discover mindfulness gently. Each week will focus on a specific theme ranging from conscious eating to conscious communication and much more.

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