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Workshops & Packages

Our economically advantageous packages give you the opportunity to deepen into a theme or your usual practice for several weeks in a row. It is also an ideal formula for those who have never tried yoga, as we specifically designed beginners packages both in yoga and Pilates.

Through our workshops, we propose a few hours to discover or explore a wide variety of disciplines that revolve around yoga, well-being, natural self care… 

Workshops, courses and trainings

Our events of one hour or more in the form of workshop, internships or training, allow you to discover other wellness disciplines than yoga and Pilates or to deepen these through a particular perspective.


A package of several group classes specially designed for those who have never practiced yoga and at an attractive price. It allows you to discover under the best conditions all the basics of yoga before choosing one or more courses in our vast palette.

Also some packages allow you to deepen into a specific theme of yoga, Pilates, or stretching.