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Pilates, floor bar & stretching

Here is the list of our courses in Pilates, stretching and floor bar. 

Most of the classes are given in French but our teachers are bilingual (except the courses indicated in EN in the schedule, which are exclusively in English) and adapt to the linguistic level of the group.


The Pilates Method is a set of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, based on strengthening the abdominal belt, coordination, breathing, precision, and fluidity of movement. This helps to develop a strong body in a harmonious way: we extend and strengthen the muscles, shape the body, improve tone, stimulate blood circulation and relaxation.

Ideal for strengthening your back and thus preventing problems related to the spine, and therefore a must for those who spend many hours in the office.

You want to strengthen your back but you prefer yoga? You will find it here (Viniyoga / Yoga back).

Here you’ll fnd all our Pilates classes for beginners, seniors (50+), flying Pilates (aerial Pilales in hammocs, unique in Brussels !) and much more… Look at the schedule if you don’t find a class description here. 

Pilates beginners

Pilates level 0 (beginners) are your first classes in Pilates. Here you will learn the basics of this practice, the postures for beginners, the breathing and the language of this discipline. 

Don`t miss this important step to not feel lost in an “all levels” class 😉

If you start, also think about booking our special Pilates Package for beginners !

Pilates All levels (TN)

  • You have taken at least 5 beginners classes and are familiar with the principles and basic terms
  • You have an irregular practice but you remember the basics
  • You are a regular student ready to (re) explore

Pilates intermediate

If you have a good level (at least 20 courses) and want to go deeper. We ask that beginners please refrain from joining these classes to ensure that they can run smoothly!

Pilates spécial back

To relearn how to use the deep muscles, relax the tension by stretching the over-stressed muscles and make the spine feel more natural. A perfect session for back relief, pelvic stability and postural support.

Floor bar & stretching

Floor bar is an exceptional practice and is still quite rare to find in Brussels! A mix of dance and movement derived from the Pilates method, for a smooth muscle reinforcement. 

We also propose you stretching courses and mixes of stretching and Pilates ! 

Floor bar

A combination of Pilates and dance, practiced on the ground and originated from ballet, floor bar makes it possible to gain muscular reinforcement, flexibility and mobility: warming up, folding, releasing, beats and arm movements are done on the back, the belly and sitting. 

The reclining positionfrees from the constraint of gravity and protects against back injuries while allowing you to work with your alignment and muscularity. 

All that with lots of joy and a good sense of humour from our expert dancer Aïcha!


Complementary to the practice of yoga and pilates, it is an invitation to stretch from the inside as well as the outside, to fluidise the movements, to tone and to improve the concentration during an intense stretching.

We propose stretching and Pilates-stretching.

All that with lots of joy and a good sense of humour from our expert dancer Aïcha!

Also discover the workshops and Flexibility Package Aïcha proposes to enhance your suppleness !

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