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Yoga, Pilates & stretching

Our packages are the ideal way either to discover yoga, stretching, or Pilates, either to deepen into a theme or your usual practice for several weeks in a row, in the best conditions, and at an interesting rate (60€ for four 1h15 classes). 

The beginner’s package is the ideal way to start in yoga or Pilates and discover this practice. An experienced teacher devotes himself to an exclusive beginners group and progresses with them for 4 weeks to explore all the fundamentals of the discipline:

– in yoga: certain postures (asanas) like the famous Sun Salutation, breathing (pranayama), relaxation (shavasana), meditation, mindfulness techniques…

– in Pilates: concepts like powerhouse, breathing, basic exercises …

– in Flexibility Package, the idea is to improve your elasticity thanks to several disciplines like yoga and stretching ; suppleness is very useful and an integral part of these fields. Later, you can go on with your usual practice in any discipline with a better understanding of your body ad how you can lie down and stretch it, with no risk.

The moderate sized groups (max. 8 participants) allows the teacher to focus with attention on each individual student. Then you are ready to choose the class of your choice in our schedule and are already better equipped to manage your stress, breathe better, relax or create your daily practice.

Also welcome to those who have practiced only very occasionally or a long time ago!

The other packages are based on the same idea : a small size (8) private group, one teacher, 4 classes for 4 weeks in a row. But there you’ll discover or deepen a specific theme of yoga or Pilates : work deeply and better understand a specific asana for example, and master it to be able to practice it with no risk in larger groups later.

We explain you our packages in video (but exclusively in French… sorry !) 

We have no package planned at the moment, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a beginner’s program !